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This page is dedicated to Jill Whitlow, the most beautiful actress of the 1980's. The picture above is from "Night of the creeps".

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You may wonder why in the year 2005 i would produce a fan site for a fairly obscure actress from 20 years ago. Quite simply, Jill Whitlow is in my opinion the most beautiful woman that has ever lived. Ever since i saw "Night of the creeps" i have had a thing for dark haired brown eyed women. On January 23rd I saw "Night of the creeps" and did a web search for her, only to find to my horror that there was no fan site for her. Not only that, but i couldn't find any pictures of Mz Whitlow anywhere, and only minimal information about her. So, i decided to make a fan site for She who personified my dream woman growing up.

What is it about Jill Whitlow that makes her so memorable? Firstly, She has amazing eyes and is unspeakably gorgeous. She has the perfect mix of vulnerability and assertiveness that makes her irresistable. As an action heroine, she should have gone a lot further than she did. Jill Whitlow with flamethrower

When you get right down to it, a lot of today's female hero charecters are just "Arnold in drag" types. If Sarah Michelle Geller can beat anything up, what point is there in putting her in a movie? She doesn't need to use her brain, she just hits things till they stop moving. Does this advance Female equality? No, it's just boring. Uma Thurman carried this to a bizarre extreme in "Kill Bill" 1 and 2, which has a hideously high body count. There was a bit of charecter development, but it was mostly mayhem.

Today's crop of heroines is pretty lame. Can you imagine Paris Hilton fighting zombies? "Ew it drooled on my Gucci! Get it tinkerbell!" Carmen Electra would survive about 30 seconds in a zombie film and quite frankly i'd be cheering for the zombies. Angelina Jolie and Sarah Polley are pretty good (but i still think Jill Whitlow is prettier). The shining exception is Linda Hamilton in the terminator, combining beauty and vulnerability, but also being a massive badass.

Jill Whitlow was the perfect heroine and it is a shame that hollywood didn't use her more often. She was sensual without being sleazy (Take note Carmen Electra), simultaneously tough and vulnerable and absolutely beautiful.

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